Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baxter 1550 dialysis machine

The baxter 1550 is perhaps the most advanced hemodialysis machine produced in the past few years.this product development decisisons are based on your insights and respon to your needs.


High performance machine, developed for use with high efficiency dialyzers.
Automatic UF Control, Variable Sodium, Variable Bicarbonate, Automatic Chemical Disinfect.Available in 3 different software configurations: System 3; System 4.0; System 4.1.
Patient prescription information can be programmed onto a cartridge, then loaded into 1550 to set up parameters for the patient.Easy access for servicing and maintenance.Push Button Sodium Administration.


SPS550 50/60 Hz, VAC + 10% at 13 amps maximum
SPS550 50/60 Hz may be wired for:
-100 VAC + 10% at 14.4 amps
-200 VAC + 10% at 7.2 amps
-220 VAC + 10% at 6.5 amps
-240 VAC + 10% at 6.0 amps
Electrical leakage
Less than 50 microamperes at all voltages.
Dieletric Strength
2500 VAC
Air conditioning load
1,785 BTU/hr or 2500 watts
Water supply requirements
Water must meet AAMI standards for hemodialysis.
Supply pressure
35 kPa (5psi) to 700 Kpa (100 psi)
Internally regulated pressure
70 Kpa (10psi) after the inlet water pressure regulator.
100 KPa (15 psi) after the proportioning pump pressure regulator


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