Monday, July 9, 2012

fresenius 2008T,dialysis machine

Fresenius Medical Care has continued it’s tradition of providing intradialytic monitoring and feedback tools with the introduction of the 2008T hemodialysis delivery system. The 2008T represents the next generation of hemodialysis delivery systems offering immediate access to dialysis treatment and vital medical information at patient chair side. the 2008T is the first fully integrated therapy and management information system on the market. 

The 2008T combines Fresenius Medical Care’s most advanced hemodialysis delivery system with CDX providing caregivers, for the first time, chair-side access to the facility’s medical information system and dialysis treatment data. With all the key information a medical professional needs, immediately at hand, they can focus on patient care. The human factors engineering is an appreciation of how medical professionals actually work in the clinical setting. The 2008T puts key patient and treatment information more quickly at the clinicians’ fingertips.
 Features Available for the 2008T Machine include:
  • Blood Volume Monitor
  • On-Line Clearance Monitor
  • Access Flow Measurement
  • DiaSafe Plus Filter4
  •  DX module electronically independent of dialysis function
  • Enables MIS software from 3rd party vendors as well as the Company’s proprietary systems
  • Full size QWERTY keyboard to simplify real-time chair side data entry
  • Integrated IT terminal saves floor space and reduces risk of cross contamination and potential compliance violations
  • Seamless tracking of billable items
  •  Automatic return from MIS to machine display in alarm conditions
  •   Designed to promote compliance with CMS Conditions for Coverage

 The Fresenius 2008 Kidney Dialysis Machine series were designed for flexibility. They all Equipped with advanced therapy options; ultrafiltration, fixed proportioning, heat disinfecting, variable dialysate flow, and including automatic blood pressure monitoring as well as computer documentation capabilities.
The 2008T is the best designed hemodialysis machine to provide good treatment by monitoring and controlling both dialysate and extracorporeal blood circuit.this machine can also administer heparin everly throughout the treatment.

The Fresenius dialysis machine 2008T also designed more functional efficiency.the top is contain the control panels and house of the computer for treatment program,the back of machine for the machine house utility,and the front  of the machine contain of operation controls during hemodialysis.


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