Sunday, May 27, 2012

fresenius 2008H,dialysis machine

The Fresenius 2008 is the best Kidney Dialysis Machine series were designed for flexibility.This product also will help the patient to get satisfaction in treatment for dialysis. They all equipped with advanced therapy options; ultrafiltration, fixed proportioning, heat disinfecting, variable dialysate flow, and including automatic blood pressure monitoring as well as computer documentation capabilities.

The Fresenius 2008 Kidney Dialysis Machine, Easy to operate touch membrane control panel with improved visual displays and advance therapy options in the E model is retrofittable to the C and the D machines and the panel of the H system is retrofittable to the C, D, and the E model machines.

The  Fresenius designed the 2008 unit it was designed to be a modular concept.  This concept would allow any updates that become available as technology advances. Once the upgrades are available, users simply update the equipment. These upgrades allow patients the latest in dialysis therapies.

Advanced options are: Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System, FDS08 Treatment Record System and digital Heparin Pump

Basic features include: Volumetric Ultrafiltration, Volumetric Proportioning, Heat Disinfect, Variable Dialysate Flow and Sodium Modeling

Unique on-line Quality Assessment options include: On-line Kinetic Assessment, On-line Patient Hypotension Management, On-line Dialysate Management, On-line Remote Service Diagnostics and On-line Treatment Records Management.

This product  continues the tradition of durability and reliability that has made Fresenius a recognized the best kidney dialysis machine and leader world-wide.


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