Friday, July 13, 2012

, Gambro,Prismaflex (TM) System dialysis machine

We can find so many kind of kidney dialysis of them is  Prismaflex (TM).it is the  newest generation of technology for CRRT (Kidney Dialysis) offered by Gambro.
With the Prismaflex (TM) System, Gambro enhance prescription flexibility by offering a platform with increased therapy options and features.

For more  information about the main different between the current technology and the Prismaflex (TM)  you can find here,such as:
The Prismaflex (TM) has the combination of vivid colors and clear graphics on a large 12 inch touch screen.that can make easy to manage this machine.

The safety system of Prismaflex (TM) is proactive, offering many helpful features, such as automatic bar code identification of the set and customized default safe values.

The Prismaflex(TM)
kidneyDialysis Machine has Five pumps offer multiple therapeutic combinations that allows the delivery of fluid into the blood pre filter. This circuit is called the Pre Blood Pump (PBP). Fluid delivered into this circuit will be accounted for in the calculation of net fluid balance. And a pre-blood pump allows infusion of a supplemental solution for hemodilution or anticoagulation of extracorporeal circuit.

The Prismaflex(TM) tubing is larger. This will lowers the resistance to flow and can reduce the amount of pull required to remove blood from the patient.

The Prismaflex(TM) has much higher maximum flow rate capabilities for blood flows, dialysate and replacement rates. The Prisma(TM) can only achieve blood flow rates of 150-180 ml/min (depending upon model).

An air elimination port similar to those found on intermittent hemodialysis circuits is incorporated into the Prismaflex(TM) circuit.

Scales are still used to measure weight changes, however, the new Prismaflex (TM) is less susceptible to nuisance alarms. Scales are now located at waist level, with an improved ergonomic design for bag changes.

Prismaflex(TM) is a much more flexible system that allows any therapy change.
Flexibility that meets the strict demands of multiple blood purification therapies. Deliver a complete range of continuous extracorporeal blood therapies with a highly versatile platform that can be customized to specific patient needs. Safe and easy to use, the Prismaflex system is your single solution for multiple intensive care therapies.It’s also compatible with a wide selection of membranes for easier adaptation to individual patient requirements. In addition, the Prismaflex system features:

  • A single system for all CRRT therapies, including SCUF, CVVH, CVVHD, and CVVHDF.
  • Industry-leading fluid management accuracy
  • Integrated design functions for effective anticoagulation management.
  • Convenient and simple oversight of pre- and post-dilution mixing points through two integrated pinch clamps.
  • Multiple fluid therapeutic combinations and optimum dose delivery capabilities through a high flow-rate pump and four fluid pumps.

The same Prismaflex(TM) filter can be run as predilution, postdilution, or a combination of both, when hemofiltration therapy is used. Currently, Prisma(TM) can only be run as predilution OR postdilution, depending upon the type of filter being selected. Currently, we only stock predilution sets for the Prisma(TM).We will continue using the predilution filters at this time.

The Prismaflex(TM) Kidney Dialysis Machine has Technical differences exist among the filters used, methods for priming, heater and heater tubing and method for bag changes.

The Prismaflex(TM) Kidney Dialysis Machine has also Data storage capabilities.


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