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Quality and safety are the ultimate value
As the leading innovator in renal care, Gambro defines the cutting edge of technology and makes therapy delivery simpler, safer and more effective.
The AK 96® machine was developed for dialysis providers committed to delivering conventional HD treatment with the highest level of quality and safety.
It is a cost-efficient machine that combines proven technology with new advanced features for improved treatment.the features are available on the bio version include the full hygienic chain ,arecorded disinfection history and complete integration with Gambro water treatments systems.than excellence in dialysis monitor is measured by several variables.


Controlled dialysis dose delivery

Blood pressure monitor

Integrated real-time blood pressure monitoring via patient cuff

U9000 dialysis fluid ultra filter

Ultrapure dialysis fluid for increased biocompatibility

Arterial blood line clamp and variable dialysate fluid flow

For added economy and reliability and flexibility

Battery back up

For safe treatments in all environments

Technical specifications

- Dialysis fluid preparation and monitoring
Flow rate: 300–700 ml/min (by step of 20 ml/min)
Acetate range: Na+ 130 to 160 mmol/l
Bicarbonate range: Na+ 130 to 160 mmol/l,
HCO3- 20 to 40 mmol/l
pH measurement: Range 1.0 to 9.9
Profiling (Na+, HCO3-, UF)
Concentrate standby mode

- Ultrafiltration control
UF volume: Adjustable, 0 to 10.00 l
Accuracy: ± 50 ml/h or ± 1%
UF rate: 0 to 4 l/h

- Blood leakage detection
Method: Infrared light

- Disinfection and cleaning
Automated disinfection process with Gambro water treatment systems
Heat, liquid citric acid or CleanCart® disinfectant
Chemical: Peracetic acid, hypochlorite or formaldehyde
Disinfection log

- Power supply
Mains voltage: 115, 230 V
Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
Power consumption: Max 2025W at 230 V, 1575 W at 115 V

- Connection of external equipment
Connector: 25 pin D-sub with RS232C or RS-422/current loop

- Dimensions and weight
Width: Machine 345 mm, stand 585 mm
Depth: Machine 600 mm, stand 620 mm
Height: 1305 mm
Weight: Approx. 60 kg (without options)

- Operating environment
Ambient temperature: 18 to 35 °C
Relative humidity: 15 to 85%
Air pressure: Up to approx. 2500 meters above sea level (70 to 106 kpa).

Technical specifications
- Blood flow control
Flow rate, double needle: 0 and 20 to 500 ml/min
Flow rate, single needle: 0 and 20 to 500 ml/min, pressure-controlled

- Blood circuit pressure supervision
Arterial pressure: -700 to +750 mmHg
Venous pressure*: -700 to +750 mmHg

- Air detection
Method: Ultrasonic detector
Drip chamber size: 22 mm diameter

- Heparin syringe pump
Flow rate: 0 to 10 ml/h
Programmable stop time, accumulated volume read-out

-Water supply
Inlet pressure: 0.12 to 0.6 MPa (1.2 to 6 bar)
Inlet water temperature during treatment: 5 to 30°C
Inlet water quality: Fluid must comply with appropriate regulations and as
minimum ISO 13959

Gambro Lundia AB
PO Box 10101, SE-22010 Lund, Sweden
Phone + 46 46 16 90 00, safe


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