Sunday, July 8, 2012

portable kidney dialysis machine, NxStage System One.

The NxStage System One was designed to simplify the delivery of renal care in acute settings. It gives clinicians the flexibility to deliver the more intensive renal therapies they believe will help their patients, while reducing the strain on overburdened critical care staff and resources.

The NxStage System One is a portable kidney dialysis machine that became the first truly portable home hemodialysis machine. NxStage using FDA clearance's system to deliver multiple therapy options, and delivers these therapies in short intermittent schedules, long continuous schedules, or anything in between patient condition.

The System One Difference

The simple interface is easy to learn and use.Our 24/7 technical support gives you peace of mind while dialyzing, no matter when or where. Simple plumbing connections and standard electrical plug minimize the impact on your home.integrated dialysate mixing conserves water usage and fits your lifestyle. Portability gives you the freedom to travel or dialyze throughout your home.Easy-to-use drop-in cartridge allows for easy, wipe-down disinfection after each use.
The NxStage System One was designed from the ground up to combine treatment flexibility with surprising simplicity.

Perform the therapies your patients need

High blood flow rates are well suited for more intensive therapy delivery.Deliver a choice of therapiesincluding high-dose, continuous hemofiltration or hemodialysis (CVVH, CVVHD), and extended daily therapies.Absence of blood/air interface in cartridge is designed to optimize blood flow and reduce clotting.

No scales or waste bags

Volumetric balancing eliminates scale nuisances, which reduces interventions and nursing workload.No effluent collection is needed—the system drains to an open line.No water treatment is needed.

Reduce staff workload

No waste bags to empty, which frees nurses to focus on patients.Portable with no special electrical or plumbing needs, the therapy can be taken to the patient.The drop-in, single-use cartridge performs multiple therapies, and offers simplified engagement of all safety systems due to drop-in loading.OneView interface offers simple controls, on-demand help and charting, which simplifies training and use.


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