Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dialysis Machine Gambro Phoenix

Dialysis Machine Gambro Phoenix 

Gambro is a worldwide medical equipment company which improving product in the new technology system, Gambro's renal products are a major business group of this company. In order to increase the distribution of their hemodialysis products, The Gambro company has developed key agreements with Baxter and DaVita.

The new standard in kidney dialysis patient safety and operational efficiencies has been sated in The innovative Phoenix® dialysis system.

The low-volume design of the Gambro Cartridge™ Blood Set also offers optimal biocompatibility, while the combined use of BiCart® Cartridge and Diaclear® Ultrafilter reduces bacteria and endotoxins, resulting in fewer dialysis related problems for your patients.

The dialysis machine Gambro Phoenix has specialization or features :
  • Intelligent design set-up eliminates the need for dialyzer rotation and the need for a waste-priming bucket,
  • Diascan Monitoring System offers real-time evaluation of dialysis efficiency,
  • Automatics system like auto-prime, programmable recirculation, auto-disinfection and rinse, automatic wake-up and auto-off functions – streamline workflow for optimal efficiency,
  • Reduced downtimes minimize time to treatment and time between two treatments to less than 10 minutes, and 32 minutes for full chemical disinfection.

The Gambro Phoenix System also known as mobile dialysis machine among the medical or healthcare provider. It's easy to move them to other place when they need the dialisys machine procedur.


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