Saturday, July 21, 2012

GAMBRO,Dialysis Machine

GAMBRO is leading company that specialising in dialysis machines and renal medicine products.their product perhaps is the best in the world right know.Gambro is the leader in manufacturing ,developing and supplying products and services for hemodialysis,peritoneal dialysis,and dialysis equipment, and Liver dialysis, Myeloma Kidney Therapy, and other extracorporeal therapies for Chronic and Acute patients.
this below is the history of GAMBRO :

Gambro is founded in order to develop and market an artificial kidney invented by Nils Alwall, of Lund, Sweden; Cobe, based in Colorado in the United States, is founded to develop and market dialysis systems.
Cobe launches its first product, a plastic extracorporeal blood set for use in chronic hemodialysis treatment regimes.
Gambro begins production of the first commercial dialysis system.
Gambro launches the AK-3 dialysis machine.
Cobe launches the Centry 2, the world's first fully integrated dialysis machine.
Rhône-Poulenc and Sanofi combine their artificial kidney divisions to create Hospal SA.
Gambro goes public on the Stockholm and New York stock exchanges.
Cobe acquires IBM Biomedical Products.
Gambro acquires Hospal.
Gambro acquires Cobe.
Gambro acquires a stake in REN Corporation in the United States and begins building a network of dialysis treatment facilities in that country.
Gambro is acquired by Incentive AB, owned by the Wallenberg family of Sweden, which then streamlines its industrial holdings to focus on healthcare.
Gambro acquires American Outpatient Services Corporation and its 16 dialysis treatment clinics.
Gambro acquires Vivra, boosting its dialysis clinics network in the United States.
Gambro sells off the Cobe brand name and noncore cardiopulminary division; Incentive changes its name to Gambro AB.
Gambro undergoes $135 million restructuring drive.
Gambro launches the Polyflux filter-based dialysis system.
Gambro acquires Renal Management Inc., based in the United States.

Gambro purpose

Our purpose is to be the leading innovator and the preferred partner for dialysis providers worldwide. By focusing on innovation and building true partnerships with customers we save lives and improve renal care. Our business objectives are to be the leader in growth, customer satisfaction and value creation

Values & operating principles

Customer focus- always strive to exceed customer expectations and keep patient safety and quality as a key priority.

Accountability- is not just a word. As a company, and as individuals, we hold ourselves accountable to our customers, team members and partners by delivering on our commitments.
Team work- people are the biggest asset of the company and teamwork is key to our success.
Integrity- conduct business in an ethical manner with courage to do the right thing.
Results- are what count and we are continuously seeking ways to improve our business

Quality & safety

Our quality and safety processes are constantly reviewed and improved in order to meet or exceed the highest standards in our industry.

The Gambro team is fully committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying safe and high quality products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
In order to fulfill international and national requirements, guidelines and policies we consistently focus on customer needs, learning and growth within the organization and the company’s internal processes. This helps ensure that all our activities, both internally and externally, advance the best long-term interest for customers as well as patients.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baxter 1550 dialysis machine

The baxter 1550 is perhaps the most advanced hemodialysis machine produced in the past few years.this product development decisisons are based on your insights and respon to your needs.


High performance machine, developed for use with high efficiency dialyzers.
Automatic UF Control, Variable Sodium, Variable Bicarbonate, Automatic Chemical Disinfect.Available in 3 different software configurations: System 3; System 4.0; System 4.1.
Patient prescription information can be programmed onto a cartridge, then loaded into 1550 to set up parameters for the patient.Easy access for servicing and maintenance.Push Button Sodium Administration.


SPS550 50/60 Hz, VAC + 10% at 13 amps maximum
SPS550 50/60 Hz may be wired for:
-100 VAC + 10% at 14.4 amps
-200 VAC + 10% at 7.2 amps
-220 VAC + 10% at 6.5 amps
-240 VAC + 10% at 6.0 amps
Electrical leakage
Less than 50 microamperes at all voltages.
Dieletric Strength
2500 VAC
Air conditioning load
1,785 BTU/hr or 2500 watts
Water supply requirements
Water must meet AAMI standards for hemodialysis.
Supply pressure
35 kPa (5psi) to 700 Kpa (100 psi)
Internally regulated pressure
70 Kpa (10psi) after the inlet water pressure regulator.
100 KPa (15 psi) after the proportioning pump pressure regulator

Friday, July 13, 2012

, Gambro,Prismaflex (TM) System dialysis machine

We can find so many kind of kidney dialysis of them is  Prismaflex (TM).it is the  newest generation of technology for CRRT (Kidney Dialysis) offered by Gambro.
With the Prismaflex (TM) System, Gambro enhance prescription flexibility by offering a platform with increased therapy options and features.

For more  information about the main different between the current technology and the Prismaflex (TM)  you can find here,such as:
The Prismaflex (TM) has the combination of vivid colors and clear graphics on a large 12 inch touch screen.that can make easy to manage this machine.

The safety system of Prismaflex (TM) is proactive, offering many helpful features, such as automatic bar code identification of the set and customized default safe values.

The Prismaflex(TM)
kidneyDialysis Machine has Five pumps offer multiple therapeutic combinations that allows the delivery of fluid into the blood pre filter. This circuit is called the Pre Blood Pump (PBP). Fluid delivered into this circuit will be accounted for in the calculation of net fluid balance. And a pre-blood pump allows infusion of a supplemental solution for hemodilution or anticoagulation of extracorporeal circuit.

The Prismaflex(TM) tubing is larger. This will lowers the resistance to flow and can reduce the amount of pull required to remove blood from the patient.

The Prismaflex(TM) has much higher maximum flow rate capabilities for blood flows, dialysate and replacement rates. The Prisma(TM) can only achieve blood flow rates of 150-180 ml/min (depending upon model).

An air elimination port similar to those found on intermittent hemodialysis circuits is incorporated into the Prismaflex(TM) circuit.

Scales are still used to measure weight changes, however, the new Prismaflex (TM) is less susceptible to nuisance alarms. Scales are now located at waist level, with an improved ergonomic design for bag changes.

Prismaflex(TM) is a much more flexible system that allows any therapy change.
Flexibility that meets the strict demands of multiple blood purification therapies. Deliver a complete range of continuous extracorporeal blood therapies with a highly versatile platform that can be customized to specific patient needs. Safe and easy to use, the Prismaflex system is your single solution for multiple intensive care therapies.It’s also compatible with a wide selection of membranes for easier adaptation to individual patient requirements. In addition, the Prismaflex system features:

  • A single system for all CRRT therapies, including SCUF, CVVH, CVVHD, and CVVHDF.
  • Industry-leading fluid management accuracy
  • Integrated design functions for effective anticoagulation management.
  • Convenient and simple oversight of pre- and post-dilution mixing points through two integrated pinch clamps.
  • Multiple fluid therapeutic combinations and optimum dose delivery capabilities through a high flow-rate pump and four fluid pumps.

The same Prismaflex(TM) filter can be run as predilution, postdilution, or a combination of both, when hemofiltration therapy is used. Currently, Prisma(TM) can only be run as predilution OR postdilution, depending upon the type of filter being selected. Currently, we only stock predilution sets for the Prisma(TM).We will continue using the predilution filters at this time.

The Prismaflex(TM) Kidney Dialysis Machine has Technical differences exist among the filters used, methods for priming, heater and heater tubing and method for bag changes.

The Prismaflex(TM) Kidney Dialysis Machine has also Data storage capabilities.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fresenius 2008K@home™,dialysis machine

Fresenius Medical Care is the world's largest integrated provider of products and services for individuals undergoing dialysis because of chronic kidney failure, a condition that affects more than 2 million individuals worldwide.With the growing interest in home therapies , the 2008K@home machine provides another option for delivering hemodialysis to patients who want the freedom associated with being at home.

The 2008K@home combines the known safety, efficacy and reliability of the 2008® series hemodialysis machines with a simpler user interface and additional new features specifically designed to facilitate home hemodialysis. 2008K@home incorporates all standard performance and safety features expected in modern hemodialysis machines. 2008k@home provide nice performance and easy to use.

This machine have special features such as uncomplicated control panel keys, and a simple touch screen interface to guide the patient through the set-up, treatment, and clean-up procedures.with this machine also give benefit such as convenient method for dialyzing at home, multiple therapy options, and customization of prescription for individual patient needs.

Monday, July 9, 2012

fresenius 2008T,dialysis machine

Fresenius Medical Care has continued it’s tradition of providing intradialytic monitoring and feedback tools with the introduction of the 2008T hemodialysis delivery system. The 2008T represents the next generation of hemodialysis delivery systems offering immediate access to dialysis treatment and vital medical information at patient chair side. the 2008T is the first fully integrated therapy and management information system on the market. 

The 2008T combines Fresenius Medical Care’s most advanced hemodialysis delivery system with CDX providing caregivers, for the first time, chair-side access to the facility’s medical information system and dialysis treatment data. With all the key information a medical professional needs, immediately at hand, they can focus on patient care. The human factors engineering is an appreciation of how medical professionals actually work in the clinical setting. The 2008T puts key patient and treatment information more quickly at the clinicians’ fingertips.
 Features Available for the 2008T Machine include:
  • Blood Volume Monitor
  • On-Line Clearance Monitor
  • Access Flow Measurement
  • DiaSafe Plus Filter4
  •  DX module electronically independent of dialysis function
  • Enables MIS software from 3rd party vendors as well as the Company’s proprietary systems
  • Full size QWERTY keyboard to simplify real-time chair side data entry
  • Integrated IT terminal saves floor space and reduces risk of cross contamination and potential compliance violations
  • Seamless tracking of billable items
  •  Automatic return from MIS to machine display in alarm conditions
  •   Designed to promote compliance with CMS Conditions for Coverage

 The Fresenius 2008 Kidney Dialysis Machine series were designed for flexibility. They all Equipped with advanced therapy options; ultrafiltration, fixed proportioning, heat disinfecting, variable dialysate flow, and including automatic blood pressure monitoring as well as computer documentation capabilities.
The 2008T is the best designed hemodialysis machine to provide good treatment by monitoring and controlling both dialysate and extracorporeal blood circuit.this machine can also administer heparin everly throughout the treatment.

The Fresenius dialysis machine 2008T also designed more functional efficiency.the top is contain the control panels and house of the computer for treatment program,the back of machine for the machine house utility,and the front  of the machine contain of operation controls during hemodialysis.